Little Whip Snake

Little Whip Snake (Parasuta flagellum) Description The ‘Little’ Whip Snake is a small snake growing up to 45cm in length and is found west to south east of South Australia, especially in the Mount Lofty Ranges and the Adelaide Hills. Not to be confused with the Yellow Faced Whip Snake, this species is also often […]

Pygmy Copperhead

Pygmy Copperhead (Austrelaps labialis) Description Pygmy Copperheads are found in and around the Mount Lofty Ranges, some regions of the Fleurieu and on Kangaroo Island. This particular species is considered endangered. Pygmy Copperheads are moderately robust and muscular in build. Their length averages around the 50-60cm mark, with specimens reaching 85cm in length. Their colouring […]

Common Death Adder

Common Death Adder (Acanthophis antarcticus) Description The Common Death Adder is an ambush predator and has the fastest recorded strike of any Australian venomous snake. They will lie in wait of their prey until a meal passes it’s way. Feeding on small mammals, frogs, lizards and birds, the Common Death Adder will cover itself with […]

Tiger Snake

Tiger Snake (Notechis scutatus) Description ‘Tiger Snake’ refers to the yellow and black cross-bands found on many of this species. The vast majority of Tiger Snakes found in South Australia, are a dark olive brown, to black-brown, with off-white and sometimes yellow cross-bands that may vary in thickness. Tiger Snakes are found in coastal environments, […]

Red-bellied Black Snake

Red-bellied Black Snake (Pseudechis porphyriacus) Description True to its name, the Red-bellied Black Snake in most cases is glossy black on its upper surface and bright red, or pink in colour on the lower sides and belly. However, some specimens can be found displaying no red at all. This species of snake is often found […]

Eastern Brown Snake

Eastern Brown Snake (Pseudonaja textilis) Description This widespread species is often referred to as the ‘common brown snake’, and is considered the second most venomous land snake in the world. The Eastern Brown Snake is the most commonly found venomous snake here in South Australia. It’s distribution is widespread throughout South Australia, Victoria, New South […]

First Aid

First Aid FIRST AID for Australian snake bite Ensure the patient or anyone else is no longer at risk. Keep the patient still – Do not move the bitten limb – Stay calm and reassure the patient FIRST AID MUST COMMENCE IMMEDIATELY Monitor airway, breathing and circulation at all times. Do not interfere with the […]

Common Myths & Safety Tips

Common Myths & Safety Tips Snakes here in Australia do not inherently have aggressive natures, and in general are quite timid. Their instinct is to take the ‘flee’ as opposed to the ‘fight’ option. They will not chase you, however they will warn you to leave them alone by flattening out their necks and using […]