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Pygmy Copperhead

(Austrelaps labialis)


Pygmy Copperheads are found in and around the Mount Lofty Ranges, some regions of the Fleurieu and on Kangaroo Island. This particular species is considered endangered.

Pygmy Copperheads are moderately robust and muscular in build. Their length averages around the 50-60cm mark, with specimens reaching 85cm in length. Their colouring ranges from olive to black to grey-brown, with a white/cream or orange flush on their underside.

Pygmy Copperheads feed on mostly frogs, small reptiles, and occasionally invertebrates. They are also known to be cannibalistic.

In the Mount Lofty Ranges, the species occurs almost exclusively in high altitude areas. However, they can also be found in a wide variety of habitats, such as coastal dunes, grassland and in agricultural areas.