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Common Myths & Safety Tips

Snakes here in Australia do not inherently have aggressive natures, and in general are quite timid. Their instinct is to take the ‘flee’ as opposed to the ‘fight’ option. They will not chase you, however they will warn you to leave them alone by flattening out their necks and using an ‘S’ shaped stance to allow themselves to appear larger.

Humans are not a food source for snakes, therefore they will only consider biting out of self-defence, not aggression.

Understanding a snake’s behaviour will help to reduce fears and develop a respect and understanding of what you should do if you encounter one.

Reptiles are ectothermic, meaning their body heat comes from external sources (such as the sun or a heated rock surface) giving them energy, further allowing them to digest their food. During winter snakes become inactive by depressing their metabolism, and will hide away dormant until warmer weather approaches. During spring, snakes emerge from brumation becoming more active as they go on search for food and their chance to reproduce.

Tips to keep you and your pets safe

When bushwalking

Around the home


If you see a snake around a residential area, contact a qualified Snake Catcher immediately.

Common myths

If you have lizards in your garden, you are unlikely to see snakes. FALSE!

Lizards are actually a food source for quite a few species of snakes!

If you found a baby snake, there must be a nest of them somewhere. FALSE!

Australian snakes do not build ‘nests’. Snakes are not maternal creatures. Once hatched or born, they are on their own and must fend for themselves.

Vibrating Snake Repellers work. FALSE!

They DO NOT WORK – please don’t waste your money.

Snakes chase humans. FALSE!

Humans are not a food source for venomous snakes, they will not ‘chase’ you. They will however look for the quickest exit, sometimes this can be in scrub or equipment behind you, which may be the direction the snake may be facing. Snakes can also give a mock strike or advance to warn you when feeling threatened.

Snakes ‘attack’ our pets. FALSE!

Snakes will only bite our domestic pets if they are harassed, ‘played with’ or tortured. Larger pythons are capable of targeting smaller domestic pets as a food source only (we all have to eat).

Eeeewwww…. Snakes are slimy! FALSE!

No, actually they feel gorgeous. Many first time experiences result in a smile and a “wow, I had no idea they feel like that!”.

And well, the list goes on...