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Common Death Adder

(Acanthophis antarcticus)


The Common Death Adder is an ambush predator and has the fastest recorded strike of any Australian venomous snake. They will lie in wait of their prey until a meal passes it’s way. Feeding on small mammals, frogs, lizards and birds, the Common Death Adder will cover itself with leaf litter, making itself inconspicuous to prey. They will use their grub-like tail as a lure, twitching and twirling it close to their head waiting for an animal to come and investigate.

Colouration may widely vary, most commonly banded in shades of reddish brown or grey with with dark and pale bars on lips.

Length up to 1 metre.

Easily distinguishable from many other Australian snakes by their short, thick-set bodies and rapidly tapering tail.

The Common Death Adder is found over much of eastern and coastal southern Australia. They inhabit open woodland, scrub and heathland areas.